South Atlantic Karate Affiliation (SAKA) has been promoting the art of Karate since 1975.

Karate is a superb method of physical exercise and mental discipline. It exercises all major muscle groups, including developing strength coordination and agility.

The formal exercises of Karate consist of series of defensive and offensive techniques, performed in a set sequence against multiple imaginary opponents. These are called kata. These formal exercises are composed of many combinations of body shifting, blocking, punching, striking and kicking techniques, ranging from easy to very difficult. Kata training will encourage the development of form, balance, speed, control and alertness.

Shotokan Karate Center also seeks to develop a mental Karate attitude that is conducive to the development and growth of many character building attributes for a student, such as respect, etiquette, sincerity, effort and self control.

Shotokan Karate Center's ultimate goal is not solely for the development of physical prowess, but rather to seek and encourage the development of a spiritual and psychological fulfillment, using a sound healthy body.

In Karate we say, "Do what is right". You will eventually be a real winner in karate and in life. Wanting to win is human nature... but if you desire this too much, you will become unbalanced. When you lose balance, you also lose understanding. You lose judgment. You even lose movement. Therefore, you will always need balance, in all parts of your life. By learning karate, you learn many things about yourself. Ways you are strong and ways you are weak. As you train, you will gain experience that will give you skills and judgment. This will soon start when you leave behind concerns about winning or losing. We must all learn to live in peace with our environment, ourselves and other people. At our dojo we train to live.